2K has not tightened the expectations to be met

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The reason is simple: 2K has not tightened the expectations to be met (on contrary, in general) However, the game has become more demanding due to the advent of Buy NBA 2K22 MT and the next gen. Shooting is no longer a requirement. The AI ? ?is much more aggressive, making 3v3 a lot more painful. This can make it more difficult to be a part of the world of multiplayer in which the weak or even the average player has zero chance of hitting his ball.

One option is to exercise. Or stay on the sidelines. Here's where we might be pleasantly surprised: the more MyTeam is accessible in its reach, the more it can connect with a large number of users and increase the reputation of its publisher on the sales of cards. But in fact, it's actually the reverse: MyTeam is rather elitist and is a snare to the players who are in.

Let's try to hope for a little less tense and frustrating gameplay to ensure that even the most vile virtual basketball players will be able to be able to feel the growth of their wings.

We'll close with another novelty of this season: the appearance of Candace Parker, the L.A. Sparks player, today in Chicago. It is possible to become an assistant coach when you reach the level 35. This is a very significant addition that deserves an entire article. So we meet to talk about WNBA and MyTeam in the near future.

Basketball enthusiasts, whether they're actual players (or not), have for a long time been aware of the games played under that NBA 2K license. In 2016, there was a mobile version available to players. The franchise has always looked to refresh its appeal by offering various ways to NBA 2K MT Coins players in past.


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