If you're successful in defeating the spirit you will be rewarded with a golden Seed

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As per the warning, in the event that you fall in Elden Ring Items the swampy area below, you'll create a mini-boss who could be too strong and dangerous for your needs at this point. It is a massive serpent-like creature that has large sweeping attacks and powerful magic. However with a 100 physical block shield and some determination, it's possible. The enemy communicates its attack fairly clearly, so make sure you manage your stamina , and be ready to defend yourself when you see it move to strike. You need to stand in its stomach area so that you can avoid smashing forward attack and to be able to hit it safely. If it spins around and takes aim at you, with its mouth wide open, you must stay clear of it or else fall into the mouth of the beast and take massive harm. When the beast glows in gold it is in its second phase that is filled with magic explosions and you must back away to stay clear of the damage it causes.

If you're successful in defeating the spirit you will be rewarded with a golden Seed and some loot including a Stonesword Key, Throwing Dagger for x8, and a Smoldering Butterfly 3. You can continue on to see a massive skull. There is another item, which is The Prince of Death's Psule. From here you'll find the ladder which will take it back back to your dining hall space. With that out of the way, it's officially boss time. Transfer towards Grace's Secluded Cell Site of Grace and get ready.

Godrick the Boss with the Grafted Fight.Godrick"the Grafted" is first of the Main Bosses you'll face at the Elden Ring. His distinctive feature is his twisted body that is made up of his servants body parts that he's transplanted onto his own broken body. Like the Grafted Scion, many of Godrick's attack are multi-part or multi-hit, and he also has irregular movements that may catch you off alert. When his health is at half, he'll add a dragon's head to buy Elden Ring Runes the arm of his body, which allows several new attacks, and alters some with fire damage therefore be aware if your shield doesn't have high fire resistance.



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