Many quickly realized their gear and skills were not enough as they tried to advance through each level

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Blizzard Entertainment has introduced a variety of changes to WoW WOTLK Classic' new Torghast dungeon in an effort to satisfy frustrated fans who have argued the section was too long and difficult. The first change came with WOW WoTLK Classic Gold  a week-long update that added new levels to the dungeon that players were initially excited for but soon dissatisfied when they encountered enemies that were in essence health sponges. Many quickly realized their gear and skills were not enough as they tried to advance through each level, and eventually fight Torghast's last boss The Jailer.

Torghast is also known as The Tower of the Damned, is one of several games that were added to the World of Warcraft last month in the critically acclaimed WoW WOTLK Classic expansion. Torghast is where the Jailer is able to keep souls he tortures which transform into powerful armor and weapons. It's the perfect spot for players to visit for a chance to collect Soul Ash, which is required to create legendary gear. It's meant to give players an experience unlike any other every time they run with a group of up to five. With over a hundred floors to conquer, it's apparent that Torghast is an arduous monster to conquer, but players feel that Blizzard might have put the odds against them too much.

According to Blizzard The changes have a focus on attacking the health of enemies, as well as damage output. Another advantage is the benefits of cooldowns for major classes reset every time a player is on an upper floor which aids the progression of players. The patch is currently active, and the complete update log can be seen on the official Blizzard forum page below.

WoW WOTLK Classic was developed to improve the game's leveling and progression system and expose new and veterans alike to new content. It has been a major success, too. In the months following its release in December, WoW WOTLK Classic was the fastest-selling PC game ever in the year 2000. smashing previous records by selling 3.7 million units only one day after its release.

This most recent fan criticism will not deter Blizzard. Although World of Warcraft has continued to enjoy its popularity over the years, its latest expansion has charted an entirely modern direction of buy WoTLK Gold  the game. The developer is sure to keep players on board while it strives to perfect WoW WOTLK Classic and is constantly introducing new content. The forums make it clear that the developer is a fan-focused company and values feedback from players. The way in which Blizzard Entertainment addressed issues of players with speed speaks volumes of its relationship with its players. Let's check if players happy with the new changes.


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