Highlights of that and see how far behind FIFA

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The idea here is commendable, and it will undoubtedly wind up making FIFA a more realistic match moving forward. However, the new feature hasn't been universally popular so far.because they've executed it really, really, really poorly. Below are some of the ancient player reviews: Rafijoza remarks:"This match is completely **** Passes in this game is like 5 years old kids who's playing in school" FIFA 23 coins. "Perfect for normies who wish to only cross the ball and take outside the box and beg to get a blessed goal" is Vaisov's view. Absolutely not one of my passes go anywhere near where I'm intending, everything gets intercepted and it's destroying the game"

Crosses, by way of instance, will look as if they're going to fly from play but then drop out of the sky. Bounces make it hard to estimate how best to receive them and feel inconsistent. Light tackles will send the ball flying off, while sliding in with force can feel like it's barely touched the thing at all. Undoubtedly there will be upgrades for fine tune this, but until then it's likely to drive people mad.Commentary remains the same as last season using Martin Tyler and Alan Smith performing the national games and Lee Dixon and Derek Rae doing the European nighttime.

There's not too much more to say than that about it but I want to express my feelings on this issue through the medium of that really bizarre tweet one week, Ezequiel Mangala received from a City fan. Albeit tweaked slightly to make sense in the recent context.Alan Smith badly mate no staged please just do not commentate again fifa not appropriate to u pal your crap no hard feelings just not resolved. The NBA 2K games have, in any sport game without question, the commentary. Go watch some highlights of that and see how far behind FIFA somehow still is buy FUT 23 coins.


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