Titanium welded pipe forming process characteristics _ design

Originally published as What is K403 made of? K403 is a nickel-base,nickel titanium wire,titanium plate gr7, titanium round bar ,ti6al4v,

Original Title: Characteristics of Titanium Welded Pipe Forming Process Titanium welded pipe belongs to roll cold bending forming,titanium bar gr5, which needs to pass through a series of rolls (flat roll,nickel titanium wire, vertical roll, Titanium welding pipe ,Titanium welding pipe, etc.), and has the characteristics of light weight and thin wall. The forming process includes complex elastic-plastic, large deflection, bending deformation, and includes neutral plane extrusion, shear,titanium plate gr7, etc. The forming process is complex. The design of roll shape directly affects the quality of welded pipe, and the task of pass design and tool design is arduous In the early stage of titanium welded pipe in China, there was no systematic die design capability. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. yunchtitanium.com


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