Shanghai's seven CBD, you only know Lujiazui, then you are OUT!

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Original title: Shanghai's seven CBD, do you only know Lujiazui, then you are OUT! When it comes to Shanghai's Central Business District (CBD), the first impression of all Chinese people is the famous Lujiazui, but what you don't know is that there are actually seven CBDs in Shanghai, and Lujiazui is just one of them. Next, I will take you to explore the other six CBDs in Shanghai. The picture shows Lujiazui CBD in Shanghai, which is the headquarters of many multinational banks in Greater China and East Asia, and one of the most influential financial centers in China. In the picture is the CBD of Shanghai People's Square,rotary vacuum evaporator, which is the geographical center, transportation hub and heart of the urban area of Shanghai, integrating office, tourism,thin film distillation, commerce, exhibition and art. There are more than ten large shopping malls, dozens of well-known enterprise headquarters and hundreds of logistics, trade, information industry, network and other enterprises settled here, known as the "super giant CBD" in the city center. Expand the full text The picture shows the CBD of Nanjing Road in Shanghai, cbd centrifugal extractor ,nutsche filter dryer, which is the famous CBD center in Shanghai, especially the three commercial buildings of Meilong Town, Henglong Square, CITIC Pacific and the nearby Portman Hotel, which activate the fashion of the whole business center. The picture shows the CBD of Huaihai Road in Shanghai, the high-end commodity consumption area from Huangpi South Road to Shaanxi South Road, Jiahua Center and other emerging commercial office buildings, as well as the surrounding French buildings full of exotic life style, which constitute the prosperous CBD commercial belt of Huaihai Road. The picture shows Shanghai Xujiahui CBD, one of the four major urban sub-centers in Shanghai. The computer market in the region is very dense, the commodities are very rich, and the consumer groups are extensive, so Xujiahui has become one of the areas where Shanghai residents buy computers and digital products. At the same time, there are also many businesses operating luxury goods, high-end clothing, various entertainment and catering industries in the region. The picture shows Shanghai Hongqiao CBD, located in the west of Shanghai. Relying on the comprehensive transportation hub of Hongqiao, it has been built into a gathering area of Shanghai's modern service industry, a new platform for the construction of Shanghai International Trade Center, a gathering place for the headquarters of domestic and foreign enterprises and trade institutions, and a high-end business center serving the Yangtze River Delta region, the Yangtze River Basin and the whole country. The picture shows Shanghai Wujiaochang New Jiangwan City, one of the four sub-centers of Shanghai, which echoes Xujiahui in the southwest of the central city of Shanghai. With the continuous development of modern business facilities,50l rotovap, transportation and ecology, the overall advantages of the region have been fully highlighted, and it has developed into one of the most prosperous areas in the North Shanghai Business Circle and even the whole Shanghai. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.


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